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directed and produced by Julia Ostertag. Release 09/2016 - 89min.          Dark Circus on Facebook     Dark Circus on Twitter

Struggling with her aimless existence, a young woman is taken to a parallel universe full of bizarre characters and occult rituals.

Dark Circus is a story of transformation, a trip to the inner self, from deepest desires to darkest nightmares.

The Storyline

Johanna is just twenty years old but struggling with her boring and aimless existence. Disturbing visions start the day she gets fired from her job.

Soon Johanna is carried off into a different world beneath the city where people live in a parallel universe full of darkness and magic rituals. The denizens of this world are inspired and guided by a mysterious woman, The Mistress.

Drawn into her cult through an extravagant initiation ceremony,
Johanna encounters fascinating characters:
People like Simon, the collector, with whom she embarks on an obsessive affair.
As Johanna plunges deeper into the occult her old world slowly collapses...

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» L'Étrange Festival
» Pornfilmfestival Berlin

Angela Maria Romacker
- Johanna -

» Namjira As-Sefid
- Mistress -

Florian Gysin
- Simon the collector -

» Annika Strauss
- Assistant -

» Nikolai Arnold
- Dandy -

» Louis Fleischauer
- Master of Ceremony -

Soundtrack by

© Stills by
Benjamin Lippke
Bellocq, J.M Noack
Christoph Hüttner